Terms and Conditions

Guidelines to a Trusted Partnership: The Pros Empire Terms and Conditions.
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Terms and Conditions


The Agreement is between TheProsEmpire and the party ordering SEO Services


The Agreement’s effective date is specified In the Order Form. Either party can terminate it with written notice, subject to certain conditions. The Client must pay all outstanding invoices upon termination.

Important Note:

We maintain strict content guidelines in Guest Posts, Outreach, Link Building, and Content Writing. Regrettably, we do not engage with content related to gambling, betting, adult, strip clubs, dating, or casinos.

SEO Services:

The Agency will provide services to improve the visibility and search ranking of the Client’s website. The Client is responsible for cooperating with the Agency.


 The Client agrees to pay the Agency the fees as specified in the Order Form on TheProsEmpire. These fees encompass the services outlined in the Agreement.


 More discounts may be available based on factors such as the scope of services, contract duration, or volume of work. Both the Agency and the Client will have the opportunity to discuss and agree upon any potential discounts. These negotiated discounts will be documented in writing to ensure transparency and alignment with the terms of the Agreement.

Web Site Changes

The Agency is not responsible for changes made to the Client’s website by third parties that affect search engine rankings.

Client Representations:

The client declares that it is in charge of adhering to data protection regulations and that it either owns the content or has permission to use it.


Each party promises to protect the privacy of the other’s private information.

Data Protection:

Data protection rules will govern how the acquired information is stored. The client is in charge of the information gathered and utilized during the project.

Relationship of Parties:

 The Agency is an independent contractor, not an employee of the Client.

Notice and Payment:

Notices must be in writing. Addresses can be changed with written notice.


The Client can’t assign the Agreement without the Agency’s approval.


No waiver of default in any provision of the Agreement


The Agreement is the entire understanding between the parties.

No Inference Against Author:

Since a party drafted a clause, it cannot be read against that party.


The parties will try to negotiate a resolution to their disagreements..

Usage Policies:

Adherence to our Terms and Conditions assures a transparent and secure engagement between TheProsEmpire and its clients.

Guiding Clarity:

Our Terms and Conditions serve as a reliable roadmap, ensuring fair and accountable interactions in our partnership.

Stipulated Agreements:

The obligations, norms, and responsibilities for a mutually productive partnership are outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

Read and Understood:

Both parties acknowledge they have read and understood the Agreement.

In addition, an annex contains words exclusive to Paid Search Marketing Services, such as details on payments, client obligations, and tracking requirements.

Note that this is not a legal document; rather, it is a summary. Seek advice from a qualified legal expert to make sure you comprehend the full meaning of these phrases.

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